Bikini Bridge: Rihanna & More Celebs Prove You Don’t Need One To Be Sexy

While this week may be freezing, it hasn’t stopped people from talking all about bikinis. The new trend ‘bikini bridges’ have been popping up all over Instagram after a forum used the phrase to cause the attention — well you’re getting it from me — and not in a good way.
A “bikini bridge” is defined as “bikini bottoms are suspended between the two hip bones, causing a space between the bikini and the lower abdomen,” according to Urban Dictionary. You’ve seen the pics that show them all – celebrities like Rihanna and Heidi Klum have posted it on their Instagram. However, those gorgeous celebs don’t actually have a bikini bridge in their perfectly-angled pics — does this make them less sexy?
Bikini Bridges — It’s Not Necessary For Sex Appeal
The “bikini bridge” photos have been going on since the camera phone was invented, but when 4chan launched a “bikini bridge” campaign to try and create attention — it did just that. The site, a popular message board that specializes in memes began posting about the “bikini bridge” on their random forum (or “/b/” as the internet world knows it).

They wanted the reaction — and here you go. In my opinion, there are two points to be made here — first that you don’t have to have a “bikini bridge” to be skinny.

‘Bikini bridge’ new selfie trend taking over social media

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Take a look at Rihanna, Heidi Klum, Deena Cortese and Bar Refaeli. Just think about this for a moment.

Regardless of whether you like her music or not, Rihanna has one of the best bodies, ever. Every music video she comes out with, she’s wearing less and less and we don’t actually mind. She couldn’t post enough bikini pics — but she doesn’t have a “bikini bridge” . . . at all.

We don’t really have to say how stunning Heidi is. She’s one of the most famous models ever and ran the Victoria’s Secret runway for 13 years, has posed on Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle, and was named world’s sexiest model in 2008 by

As for Deena, just look at the pic — she’s lounging in a yellow bikini showing off her oiled up body — and she definitely doesn’t need that “bridge” to look amazing! Same goes for Bar — she was no. 1 on Maxim‘s Hot 100 list in 2012 and dated one of the sexiest men in the world, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Overall, my point is that you don’t need a your hip bones to point out to show that you’re in shape!

Not All Women With Bikini Bridges Are ‘Too’ Skinny
However, every woman that has a bikini bridge isn’t too skinny either — it’s important to point that out. Guess what — having a bikini bridge isn’t a skinny-girl thing. It’s a way-you-were-built thing!

I can say, as a proud size 6 woman that when I lay down and breathe in, my hip bones show. In all reality, every woman has hip bones and if you pose the right way and get the right angle, your hip bones could show. It’s all about how you were built, not how thin you are.

I guess over all, the point is that no matter what you’re body is like or what size your bikini is, you should be proud of it. As for the site that created this to cause a reaction, well congratulations — you got one from me.